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What is Funny Kid Friday? Funny Kid Friday is a space where teachers share their funny kid stories. Of course, the stories we hear are not only funny. Kids always speak from the heart, and for the observant adult there is sometimes a lot to be learned about children, education, and the world when we reflect on their words. Kids have as much commentary on life as we do, and we all benefit by hearing it. Real world stories often emphasize how kids think, and how our role as teachers is important. Let's keep everyone focused on the kids– kids whose stories can be alarming, compelling, innocent, amazing, and yes... funny, too.

Everyone enjoys hearing what kids say, and everyone has a funny kid story or two. If you would like to share yours, even if you are not a blogger, even if you are not a teacher, leave your story in the comment section of the posts or click on the top picture button on this page to share via my Facebook page!

The Funny Kid Friday Link-up is weekly June through August, then on the first Friday of each month through the school year.

These links will take you to all the funny kid stories, even if they weren't part of the link-up, most recent first.  Just pick an issue and chuckle away. Kids– gotta love 'em!

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