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What is Funny Kid Friday? Funny Kid Friday is a space where I and sometimes other teachers share their funny kid stories. Of course, the stories we hear are not only funny. Kids always speak from the heart, and the observant adult can gain a lot of insight about children, learning, and the world when we reflect on their words. Our role as teacher is important because we are often the collectors of tales that help us keep everyone focused on the kids. Kids whose stories can be  alarming, compelling, innocent, amazing, and yes... funny, too. 

And I have a confession to make– I love to laugh! Teaching is one of the most rewarding of professions, but it can be a demanding and challenging multi-task experience without a minute to catch your breath most days. Add to that the country's view of education and educators and there are days I want to scream... but laughing is a much better release. I wouldn't, couldn't do this job if it wasn't for the kids. If you are new to this blog, new to teaching, or not a teacher at all, read a few of these stories and you'll see what I mean. 

If you, too, are a person who enjoys hearing what kids say, and you've collected a funny kid story or two, feel free to share yours. You don't have to be a blogger– you don't even have to be a teacher. Just leave your story in the comment section on any of the pages. I'll highlight it in a current post to share with the rest of us who like a chuckle.

These links will take you to pretty much all the funny kid stories, most recent first.  Just pick, click, and find chuckles both large and small. Kids– gotta love 'em!

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