Thursday, July 17, 2014

Funny Kid Friday– Glue Sticks, Oh My

It's Friday... Friday, Friday, Friday. Today is Friday Day... Friday Day! (Does anyone else remember that song?) And Friday means my Funny Kid Friday and Doodle Bugs' Five for Friday link-ups!

So here we go!

1. Check out these shoes!!!!  So happy to be a K teacher who can get away with Hello Kitty shoes!
The shoe-sion-estas!
And the only reason I found them– at Target, no less– was because I was shopping for my soon to be five year old niece. I found a pair for her, covered in pink sequins, and happened to walk around the corner on the off, off, off chance that there were some for older "kids" and there they were! I usually wear a seven and a half and the biggest size they had was a size six, but they fit, even a little loosely. They were a huge hit with the niece and that made them a huge hit with me. Just wait until the day I wear them to school... I truly will be the Queen of Kindergarten! Run, don't walk, to Target and grab yours... on sale for SIX bucks! ONLY kindergarten teachers can get away with shiny sequin Hello Kitty shoes :) Yesssss!

2. So I was out in Colorado visiting family this past week. My dear brother, knowing that I like antiques (aka reused stuff, aka castoffs, aka junk), took me to this great store. I had very little space in my suitcase for purchases, and told him so, but in we went anyway. And there it was! The Black Thing. At a price I couldn't pass up. I knew it would go wonderfully in my black and white kitchen... no matter what it was. And as my brother said, what a perfect souvenir of my trip to the Rockies... not! It must have been meant to be because it fit in the suitcase just fine wrapped in several layers of dirty clothes. Love it!
The Black Thing– The perfect souvenir from Colorado, yes?
3. Sometimes you meet the nicest people on airplanes. On my recent gallivants I met a retired first grade teacher, from Michigan no less. Retired or not, she was on top of the current issues, and we got along like a house on fire. And then I met a single dad looking for ideas on how to help his three year old daughter get ready for preschool... nope, nothing to share there on that two hour flight... ha. And then on the last leg, I sat next to an 18 month old and his mom and dad. How nice to be reminded of how all my little kiddos start out. "Car!" he squealed in toddler-ese, which was the perfect proclamation looking out the window as we cruised on into the Motor City. Delightful.
I actually rode in this Frontier ram airplane
4. Can you believe the weather in Michigan! It is usually well up into the 80s and 90s and HUMID, but this has been our weather thus far.  LOOK at that dark orange line... absolutely WONDERFUL. Yessss!

5. And now for my Funny Kid Story! One day, we were doing a center project with glue sticks, and one little guy twisted up the glue stick all the way- a full tube of glue about to be wasted.
This was not a first time for this impulsive kiddo, so when he saw me, he guiltily and silently handed it over. I sighed and said, "Oh my," as I began to slowly twist and push the glue stick back into the tube.

As the rest of the kids looked on, one of them said, "Mrs. Wright, what does oh my mean?" I paused, then said, "Well, people say oh my when they are surprised... for a good reason, or... for a not so good reason."

The guilty glue twister looked at me and said, "My mom says, oh sh*t."

I told this story to my teaching colleagues and at future staff meetings we heard Oh my several times :)

Now it's your turn for some fun. Grab my button below to link your kid tale post. Be sure to link back here so everyone finds our stories. Oh, and as with many linky parties, let the rule of three apply (comment on three of the other linkies.) Or, as one of my teacher friends did last week, just leave your kid story in the comment section, instead.

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  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOUR STORY! Don't you love how you will remember that forever? Kids are so honest! :) Sounds like you had a fun plane ride, too! :)
    Happy Weekend!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn, for stopping by and linking up. The story about your little one and photos gives quite a chuckle, too.

  2. Here's my funny story. A few years back I had a cutie pie little girl that was really into fashion. She arrived on picture day dressed up! She burst into the room and declared, "Mrs. Davis, I am just too cute to go to PE today!"

    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. There is somebody who feels good about herself :) Don't ya just love 'em. Thanks for sharing, Carol.

  3. Kathleen, thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed reading your! I'll let you in on a piece of info my friend told me about shoe sizes. girl's size are about the same as a woman's plus 2 so a girl's size 4 is about the same as a woman's size 6. She said they may be a little more narrow. I guess she is right, My daughter wears a 6 in girl's and an 8 in women's. The black thing is pretty! I live in Oklahoma and we have had nice cool weather the past few days too. BTW: I am moving to 3rd grade. :)
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

    1. Ah ha. Did not know that about the transition from girls to women's... Thanks, Kelly. Have fun with the big kids!

  4. Love the Black Thing, I think it can be a serious representative of your visit! Paula @ http://educatingchildrenwithdisabilities.blogspot

  5. Oh my! That is a great classroom story! Oh my gosh. They say such funny things. I love the shoes, by the way!

    That Fancy Blog Boutique
    Teaching In A Nutshell

    1. Thanks for leaving note! Yes, they are funny. And I bet you have some funny kid stories of your own to share on Funny Kid Friday, too. See you around!


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