Friday, August 15, 2014

Funny Kid Friday– Polly Put the Kettle On

Time for Funny Kid Friday! Hope you'll share yours after I share mine.

I was in the classroom setting up the other day and got out the pocket chart easel on which I display our weekly poem for shared reading. I choose a poem or song each week which features our word wall words of the week. I think it is important to learn new words in context. I was reminded of a story...

One particular week I chose the classic song "Polly Put the Kettle On." After reading it a few times– I always start off reading, even when it is a song- and started to talk about this song. I told the kidpeople it was a very old nursery rhyme that had been around a long time, and probably their grandparents knew it (I mean, if your GRANDparents know it, it is REALLY old!) I also discussed how to make tea and what might have been going on when this song was first sung.

One little guy looked at me and said, "Mrs Wright, we should sing, Polly put the video game on, Polly put the video game on..."

Little person number two piped up with, "Yeah, we like video games a lot more than tea!"

And of course we sang it that way... and lots of other ways, too!

It's so good when they apply what they learn to their life... I can't sing the song now without thinking of video games :)

I hope you got a chuckle and I hope you have a kid tale to share. Just grab the button up top and link your story. Remember it can be a quick post any time this week– readers do go back in the archives for a chuckle. Feel free to share in the comments as well.

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