Friday, December 5, 2014

Oh, Brother! Funny Kid Friday and Letter Writing

It's FriiiiiiDay!!And even better, it's Funny Kid Friday! I have a story for you, just as soon as I tell you about one thing, which ties in with today's tale.

In one of my last posts I told you about my new TPT resource on Letter Writing.

It comes with early writer stationery, a planning sheet for students, and some anchor charts to help you teach the format of letters.

My kids really love our mini-unit on letter writing and you can find lots of tips on how I do it on my earlier post– click here. There are tips in the packet, too.

It's also on SALE right now and through the weekend for 10% off. It is just a small resource with a $2 price tag after the weekend, but every little bit helps. I think you'll find it worth the price. Hope you'll check it out by clicking on the pics above.

Now here is my funny kid tale for this month. As I've pointed out before, writing a letter to someone else does require you to get the recipient's perspective to a certain degree. You have to think about your relationship with them and what you already know. Most kindergartners realize that you wouldn't say the same thing to your pen pal, as you would to your teacher, as you would to your brother. Most, but not all.

One day during our letter writing unit, I rolled over to R. (I always sit in a rolling chair when I confer so I can be at eye level with the student.)

Me- Hi R.  Who are you writing to?

R- My brother.

Me- Oh. Can you read your letter to me?

R reads-  "Dear S, Where do you live?  Who is your teacher? Love, R"

Me- R, where does S live?

R- With me.

Me- Yep. And isn't Mrs. B his teacher?

R- Yes, she is!  (shocked that I knew his brother was in the class across the hall...)

Well, at least he got the 'Love' part right! No doubt big brother S got a kick out of it, and even more so, his parents.

It you have a funny kid story from classroom or home life, click on the link-up button below, and grab my button up top to link on back. Or you can just leave it in comments!

Hope you have a good grin and a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for this linky, Kathleen! Your letter writing packet looks great! :)

    1. Oh, thanks, Carolyn. I hope you like it. And I LOVED the humming story. It begs the question- do you usually hum at the end of the day, or was this just the best example of "ugly" they could come up with? If only humming Rudolf come solve more of the world's woes. So cute. Thanks for linking up. Kathleen

  2. lol...Kids say the darndest things! Thanks for hosting this fun linky!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. I LOVED your one liners. I read them aloud to Jonathan-- he also loves Funny Kid Friday-- and he cracked up. Thanks for linking the chuckle :) Kathleen


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