Thursday, July 31, 2014

Funny Kid Friday- We're a Slinky

Hello to fellow teachers and friends who like a little laugh every once in a while.  Today is Funny Kid Friday and I have a triple giggle for you.

Before I can tell my tales, you need to know that I use a Slinky Dog to teach kids how we walk in a line.

A Slinky Dog makes a good visual for moving along while lined up, something that not all kindergartners know how to do when they start school.  I describe our class moving down the hall like a Slinky Dog does, and I pull it along letting it stretch out, and then tighten back up again. And like a Slinky Dog, we have to be careful not too spread our line out too far, or it won't work. We have designated spots in the hall where the line leader, or "Head," waits for the back, or "Tail" to catch up. It works pretty well. However, as kindergartners usually do, my kids have taken this quite literally over the years...

One day, one of our line leaders looked back and saw that the end of the line hadn't even come around the corner yet, so said, "Mrs. Wright, our Slinky must be broken because I don't see the tail."

Another day, one little guy in the middle of the line fell down (darn those loose shoelaces), and the two following him tumbled right on top. The next kiddo in line proclaimed, "Uh-oh, our Slinky got tangled up!"

And once, a mom on a field trip reported to me that her daughter told her that she couldn't come with us unless she knew how to do the Slinky. When she asked her daughter if this was a dance, she replied in a shocked voice, "Mom! You can't come on the field trip if you're going to dance! We only dance in the room!"

Are you ready to do The Slinky this school year?  Look for tomorrow's post when I talk more about getting kids from here to there by lining up.  Right now add your funny kid tale in the comment section or by linking up below.  Be sure to grab the button below and link back to this specific post.

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