Saturday, April 23, 2022

Funny Kid Friday- Stealth Mode

 Well, I got a chuckle this week and I'll share it today as a Funny Kid Story.

As we were headed out to one of our Specials this week, the kidpeople were a bit chatty lining up, so I told them, in a dramatic whisper, that we needed to get into "Stealth mode" and be "ninjas." (This is a little teacher trick I keep up my sleeve because it is fun and works every time to bring down the noise level.) I gave them the challenge of getting past the office, where our school secretary sits, without her knowing we were there. 

We headed out, very hushed and tiptoeing. Much to my surprise, when we reached the big office window, as if on cue, they all dropped to their knees and crept along! I glanced at our secretary, and after her face registered puzzlement, she started cracking up. She giggled so hard I thought she was going to fall off her chair, and I too, had a hard time keeping a straight face. 

As each kiddo passed the window they stood back up, and continued tiptoeing down the hall. Anyone watching would have thought we had practiced that a dozen time. I gave them thumbs up as they filed into the art room. 

Hope you have as much fun with your kids as I do! Let me know if you got a grin. 

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