Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to Know You Live with a Kindergarten Teacher

Today I have a guest blogger! My husband Jonathan takes over the keyboard to share his perspective...

You know you're married to a kindergarten teacher when...

... Parmesan containers, potato netbags, and paper towel rolls can never be thrown away without checking first.

... Her summers off entail a lot of new projects for you.

... There's a line on the family budget for picture books, even if you don't have children.

... You now remove boxtops and labels for education without even being aware you're doing it.

... She refers to "one of my moms" when she only has one.

... She always points out cute children in restaurants... and you sometimes need to restrain her from "stepping in" when they are being naughty.

... She is starting to lean to the right because she always has a school bag on her shoulder.

... You have become used to her celebrity status during "teacher sightings" when shopping... and the ecstatic reaction from the same child each time you round the corner of the grocery aisles.

... She says she's totally sick of testing, though that's all she talks about.

... She gets up extra early and puts in hours on the computer before she goes back to bed to stay home sick.

... No weekend is complete without a trip to school.

... Plans for dinner at home often get changed to "Let's eat out" by the end of the day.

... You actually know what IEP, RI, NWEA and Level C mean.

... Saturday errands consist of two things for home and five things for school.

... A dinner never goes by without a funny kid story.

... You have to check that she means your in-laws when she refers to "my parents"

... She often comes home later than you even though school gets out at 3:30.

... You never realized how important dollar stores were.

... You sometimes wish you could pull off going to work in pajamas or inside-out clothes like she does.

Thanks, Dear. Remember, real men marry kindergarten teachers!

Is there a kindergarten husband in your life? Give him a big grateful hug– sometimes we couldn't do it without them!


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I see a new blogging job in his future! :) You can tell you're a great teacher just from this post! (And you've got a great husband!)

    1. Aww. Thanks, Carolyn. He is a gem... most of the time :) And most of the time he cracks me up. Thanks for the love. Kath

  2. I love this so much!!! I laughed at the "celebrity sighting" in the store and the same surprised greeting every time you round the corner. It is so true!! My own 2 boys hate going to Cub or Target with me after school because they know we are going to be stopped several times by families before we leave.

    1. Yes, I'm afraid teachers lend some special burdens to their own family members. My own kids, who attended the same school I teach in, used to see school families out and about and say, "Quick, hide mom." geesh. Thanks for stopping by. Kathleen

  3. Thanks this gave me a good chuckle! Almost all of these apply to me too and I teach third grade. I especially loved the pic as I have been questioned if my toilet paper roll collection was necessary. Teacher Ms H ~ Third Is the Word

    1. Thanks. Glad you like it. I'll pass it on to Jonathan :) Kathleen


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