Me  I am Kathleen Wright, teacher and storyteller for kidpeople both young and old. I currently teach kindergarten in a Michigan public school. I have been a demonstration teacher and curriculum leader for all the years in my district. Before elementary school, I taught in my own preschool program for ages 2-5. I love teaching teachers and parents, too. When I can squeeze it in, I am an occasional professional storyteller. I love teaching and storytelling in all its forms, and find it exciting, challenging, and very fulfilling. Being a mom and wife rounds out life for me and makes everything else worth doing. My two daughters are both in college now and it is simply amazing to see them emerging as adults.

We  Any info about the blog can’t be written without including my husband Jonathan as an integral part of this project. He is an illustrator and designer, and without him Kidpeople Classroom and the TPT site wouldn’t exist. When I told people I was blogging, the general reaction was “Of course!” and “About time!” And when we let people know that we were developing teacher resources together, they said, “A perfect pair!” So while I keep myself busy with content, it’s Jonathan who makes it all look good.
Thank Yous  I have been blessed with many years in the education field. I have learned through sharing, reading, collaborating and knowing some of the most inspiring teachers. And teacher blogs—WOW!  I hope this blog helps teachers grow—it sure helps me learn! I offer many heartfelt thanks to those teachers who I’ve laughed with and learned from over the years. I would not be the teacher and lifelong learner I am today without you.
Nitty-Gritties  I received my Bachelors in Elementary and Special Education from the University of Michigan. I got my Masters in Educational Leadership from Bank Street College in NYC, receiving a fellowship for public advocacy work. I have been quite involved with NAEYC on all levels. I was a founding member of our local storytellers’ guild, whose members are from all walks of life, and who I don’t get to see near often enough.
What do you mean, Great Teaching, Great Fun?  Ah, the old philosophy of education question… I have many thoughts about teaching and am always striving to hone the craft. I have been influenced by educators, ideas, and theories; brain based learning, inquiry methods, Lucy Calkins, Vygotsky ZPD, scaffolding, DAP, Alfie Kohn, equity issues, CCSS, social learning settings, multiple intelligences, emotional learning, engaged teaching… We know so much as educators!

I believe you can’t have great teaching without great fun, and that fun has to be for my students and for me, too. I could be the greatest comedienne in the world, if the audience was entirely five year olds!  Of course I want my students to be math whizzes and reading giants, but I also want to engage their imaginations and grow a lifelong sense of wonder. We know that kids’ emotional connection is important to learning, so keeping it lively, fun, and engaging is the goal and challenge. It helps that I, like most teachers, love what I do.

Who are Kidpeople?  Kidpeople was coined through my advocacy work and comes from the idea that kids are people, too. Teachers know and live this everyday, but it gets forgotten in many sectors of life, including the halls of Congress. It seems like society only values children as they near voting age. Having always worked with young children, I have seen firsthand how often their needs are not supported through laws and funding. Their lack of voice is why I use mine. Although this blog is not about politics, I, like the majority of teachers, do pay attention to what is happening with kids in our country.

Kidpeople is a name I love and use in the classroom. I sometimes refer to my students endearingly as kiddos and buddies, but kidpeople is our own special class name. Kidpeople include parents, and teachers in my trainings, as well. Kidpeople Kindergarten, Kidpeople Consulting, and Kidpeople Tales represent my various professional roles.

Disclaimer All opinions that I express on this blog, including musings, rants, reflections, and proclamations, are mine, and not those of my employer. Neither my principal nor my district are consulted, and I am not a mouth piece for them. My posts are meant to provide a snapshot of what's currently on my mind, and are not meant to offend or mislead. I stand behind my opinion on the topic at the moment, even as I retain the right to change my mind, as I, too, learn and grow.  I'll try to keep you abreast of what I'm thinking. 

Contact Me  You can contact me via email at

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  1. So glad to follow you, Kathleen! Thanks for sharing your great ideas and blog with me! I hope we can collaborate in some way...maybe you'll guest blog on my blog? Interested?


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