Friday, September 15, 2017

The Winners and Funny Kid Friday

Whew. There ain't nothing like the start of a new school year, is there? I live, breathe, and sleep in teacher mode, as I'm sure most teachers do. My class this year is full of the most terrific little kidpeople and I look forward to this year with them. I'll just be glad when all the "other" stuff that has to be done at the start of the year is done, and my life takes on just the regular busy rhythm.

I decided to make this a Funny Kid Friday post because we can all use a chuckle.

But first, I need to share a few words about the winners of our book and Amazon card giveaways... yes, I know, that seems like years ago now.

The winner of our second giveaway was Mary who, as a teacher, strives to encourage her students to love reading and become lifelong readers. She plans to use her book for great discussions.

And the winner of our third and final giveaway, winning No More Noisy Nights, was Angela and she shares that she is a kindergarten teacher. She knows her kids will love this book and she looks forward to the discussion that will follow. She also hopes it will spark some creative stories in Writers Workshop.

Congratulations to both! I hope they enjoy their book and a bit of shopping.

And special thanks to my blogger friends who helped spread the giveaway news at:



Now for some funny kid stories. 

This story was shared with me by one of my parents.

Mom: So how was your first day at school?

Kidperson: I made a new friend.

Mom: Great! Who is it?

Kidperson:  It's a girl. She has braids.

Mom: What's her name?

Kidperson: Mmmm..... Braid-y.


And on the third day of school, as the kidpeople and I finished up our closing circle, I said, "Okay, guys, it's time to get your backpacks on."

One little guy said, "How come?"

It takes a while for the Littles to make the connection with "closing" and "end of day," I guess.

I answered him, "Because it's time to go home."

"Awww-man!" he said, which started everyone else protesting, too. "Nooo...Nooo"

A colleague and I just looked at each other, chuckling. I guess it's a pretty good sign if they never want to leave!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time.

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