Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dad is Fat... and Other Funny Details of Life

I'm starting with a question... What book makes YOU laugh? To answer my question I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class and Sugar and Spice for an *almost* wordless review of a book I haven't read! Yes, I wrote that correctly. I haven't read the book. But Jonathan did. Here is his review:

And basically this laughing cycle repeated itself all the way through the book. I believe he gave it two thumbs up and ten stars. (Sorry the photos are fuzzy, but I only had my iPad ready and it was jittery because I was laughing just watching him laugh.) (And yes, those fuzzy pointy ears in the bottom of the picture belong to my personal trainer... she's taking a nap in one of her favorite spots after giving me a workout.)

Finally! He got done and it's my turn... nope. The next thing I know, Delaney's got it.

Oh, for heaven's sake. I bought the book for ME. So I could have a laugh!

What book is it, you ask. Well, it's Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan... a title which is based on the first sentence his son learned to write.... should he thank his kindergarten teacher for this?

Jim Gaffigan is a great guy.... Well, I don't know him personally, but he seems like a great guy. He is a stand up comic... but he's not the TYPICAL stand up comic. He and his wife and their five kids live in a two bedroom apartment in NYC, and when he's not looking for open space or peace and quiet he is doing the funniest, fall over, pee your pants, get a hernia, clean, funny stuff!  The small moment details of life are his specialty... that, and talking to himself as if he were an audience member. When I saw this book in the bookstore it was a no brainer– into the pile it went.

WHAT????  You don't know JIM GAFFIGAN??  Well, here you go, Wonderful Reader, meet Jim Gaffigan doing Cake... one of my favorite things in the world :)

I recommend you go empty your bladder and sit down before pushing the start button.

And if you chuckled with that, you might want to click here to see his take on McDonald's... I've still got tears in my eyes.

Oh, oh, here's my already dog eared copy left alone... I'm going to take a peek before Delaney gets back....


Thanks to Deanna from Mrs. Jump's Class for her Let's Talk About Books linky.

And Christina from Sugar and Spice for her Wordless Wednesday linky.

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  1. Bonus Fries! I laughed so much at that! Thanks for sharing the videos and I added this book to my list to buy!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. HA! We now talk about "the bonus fry" too :) You see why he is our favorite! Glad you liked it... hoping to actually get to READ the book soon. Thanks for comment, Carol!

  2. Followed over from Deanna. Your link caught my eye as it was the one besides mine I think that didn't have a primary children's book in it. I know Deanna said we could link up with any book, but anyway, I just saw yours and it caught my eye! I too will be on the lookout for a used copy of this one. Sounds like a great read! Laughter is good medicine! Thanks for sharing! Hope you get your book back soon too. ;)

    1. Thanks, Leslie. I will bump it to the top of my reading list as it is a pretty short read... when I get my hands on it :) Glad you let me know you liked it... I'll look up yours now, too.

  3. Oh my gosh, Jim Gaffigan is one of our FAVORITES!! My friend just saw him and got to do a meet and greet afterward- so jealous! :) Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Some lucky friend! I would like to meet him to see if he is as his persona seems on stage. Ha.... bonus fry....


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