Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Farmers' Market Day!

The only thing I like better than reading books is writing about books– especially books that have good teaching points for us teachers. Today I am talking about Farmers' Market Day, written by Shanda Trent, and illustrated by Jane Dippold.

First of all, this delightful book makes a great extension to a field trip to the farmers' market, or an introduction to harvest or healthy eating. All the wonderful happenings in and around a farmers' market are found in this book, from vegetables, to honey, to kittens. There are even prompts on the dos and don'ts of a farmers' market.

The little girl in this book is on a mission to spend her money, and oh, what fun... and mishap... she has along the way. But you won't hear of the mishaps in the text of this story, but in the details of the illustrations... a bit of a story within a story. What better way to call readers' attention to details than by soliciting answers to the question, what else is happening? The illustrations not only hold more of the story, but they are colorful and kid friendly, too. Even the endpapers hold teaching points for the teacher to draw out. I love fun endpapers.

I'll let you in on a little secret– I've known Shanda for over twenty years! We have lots in common, including the writing bug. I remember hearing the drafts of this story years ago, and saw her attention to and debate over each and every word of the rhyming text. What a delightful result to her years of work! I am happy to say that more from Shanda is coming down the pike, too. So after you fall in love with this book, keep your eyes open for the next ones.

And there's more! Farmers' Market Day is published by Tiger Tales Books. If you click here on their icon you'll find some follow-up activities to the book.

While you're there, be sure to cruise around the site. Not only will you find more great books, but several accompanying teaching guides, and interviews with authors and illustrators.

Whether you have students who have never been to a farmers' market, or a group that frequents them on a regular basis, you'll have fun as this book leads you on a little explore.

As always, special thanks to Deanna and her Book Talk Tuesday. Click here to find more great books!

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