Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two Brand New Books Today

Teacher Book Talk Tuesday, here we go! This week I share some new children's books to use in the classroom.

Don't Let the Pigeon
Finish This Mini Activity Book!
by Mo Willems

Instagram is a'buzz with news of the Mo Willems plush characters– Elephant, Piggy, Pigeon, Duckling, and Knuffle Bunny– on sale at Kohl's for five bucks! I love the Kohl's Cares book and character promotions because revenues go to charity. 

But the thing that I didn't know about until I went into Kohl's was that along with select Knuffle Bunny, Pigeon, and Elephant & Piggie books, there is this brand new ACTIVITY book. It is designed for one child to use. However, because it has a storyline, with typical P&D banter (and hotdogs), and because many of the activities can be tweaked to use in a classroom, I think teachers will want this one, too. It says mini in the title, but I can't find anything mini about it... well, other than the price. It, also, like the plush characters, is only five bucks. 

I suggest you hurry... I don't know how much Kohl's Care inventory Kohl's keeps on hand, but both books and plush characters are flying off the shelves. The store clerk mentioned that they were restocking the shelves continually throughout the day, and people were coming in specifically for these books and characters.  

They had just restocked when I went in

She Persisted
by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger

This book is getting a lot of hype right now. I was interested in it for several reasons, enough to order it pretty much sight unseen. I thought it would be good, obviously, or I wouldn't have ordered it, but I was surprised at how good it is. 

Ms. Clinton highlights a diverse group of women. Diverse by their time in history, race, background, profession, and significant accomplishments. Some of these featured leaders are well known and whom you'd expect to see in a book such as this. But some I had never heard of before. 

Anyone whose had a baby knows of the "Apgar Score" that newborns receive at birth based on a variety of vital signs. But I didn't know that this test, still used today, was developed by an early pioneering female doctor. 

There is just enough of the right information given, too. Inspiring, though brief, educational, yet not bogged down in details. I'm betting my fives have their interests sparked and learn from the many examples– not just about what women can do, but what anyone can do when they put their mind to it and persist, no matter the odds or what anyone says. 

The illustrations make the book very appealing. Soft colors, interesting compositions, a good size for a read-aloud. I love that almost all the illustrations include children in one way or another– either by depicting these women as children themselves, or showing children engaged with these female heroes in their unique roles. A quote from each of these leaders is woven into each illustration– words to live by.

This book ranks a full five stars with me. I REALLY like it, look forward to using it, and recommend it to all teachers, no matter what age you teach. 

I hope you found today's reviews insightful. I, and any of my linky friends, will be back again next week with more books. Hope to see you then. 

Oh... one more thing. If you are not a regular reader then you might not know this week's accomplishment was the making of a classroom tour movie. Along with the Teacher Book Talk Tuesday series this summer, I've also been posting about classroom design. The video is part of that and I have more to go. I gathered all past posts on my classroom in one spot. Click below to go there and to find the video. I would love for you to view and like. If you comment I'll follow you on Instagram because we will be BFF!

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  1. I keep saying that I am NOT going to buy anymore books, but once again you've talked me into buying one. "She Persisted" sounds awesome! I am a huge fan of Chelsea Clinton and the women you have highlighted in her book are great choices. Off to get a new book!

    Once again, thank you for hosting this fun linky,

    1. Well, if you add to my list it is only fair that I add to yours :) You won't regret this one though. I have a friend who is getting close to retirement. She says she is not buying any more books for the classroom unless she wants it to read it to her grandchildren.... I've been trying that tactic... however, I am too far away from retirement and too far away from future grandchildren for it to hold much sway with my book buying self! snort. Later. Kathleen

  2. Kathleen I am enjoying your blog so much! Thank you for your enthusiasm and creative spirit!
    I am a few years closer to retirement and still buying books yet not as many. I do make the list of 'I want' and ask our librarian (school and public) to buy more.
    I have taken a break from my blog but will return soon. Keep on sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, going the library route is a good one.... and certainly easier on the pocketbook. See you later. Kathleen

  3. I am seriously considering a trip to Kohl's tomorrow - your fault! Almost went today, but husband was with me and I didn't want to have to try to explain my love for Mo!

    1. Oh, Julie, you're cracking me up! Teachers sneaking out to Kohl's and Target under the husband radar to feed their teacher addictions... we all do it. My husband realized long ago it was easier to just give up the fight and make a line item in the family budget for "teacher crap." One man's trash is another woman's treasure :) See ya. Kathleen


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