Sunday, July 9, 2017

I Made the Classroom Tour Video! Whoot!

Oh, I am so excited to be here today! I made the classroom tour video! Yes, yes, yes! That's a big thing off my to-do list. It only took me... well, I'm not sayin'. We'll just let it stand as a long time. But I have that feeling of accomplishment you get when you complete something a bit challenging.


The video has very little narration. No... really... people who know me stop that laughing.

I do usually have things to say, and I do usually like to talk. BUT I wanted viewers to concentrate on the elements of the classroom. I believe that pictures are powerful and can supply much of the learning– learning that you sometimes can't predict others will find. Besides, no one needs the bulletin boards and guided reading table explained. snort. I point out a couple of tidbits, and I bet you notice a thing or two that you've not seen before, all on your own. So sit back, enjoy one of my favorite tunes, and listen for the smattering of commentary throughout.

You'll get more out of the video if you keep these things in mind:

Classroom flexibility– not just with seating, but with storage, arrangement and use of space

Brain compatibility– in colors, lighting, use of fabrics, and comfort

Storage– I don't have a lot of space, but I do have a lot of stuff! I had to get creative

Maker space– I've always had a Light Bulb Lab, but I've enhanced and expanded it

Child development– how old fashioned of me, but yep, I keep things appropriate for five year olds

Oh, and be sure to watch to the end. Those of you who read me know I like to put a little grin in there. Just sayin'.

One. bad. thing. And it made me so MAD. ugh. I filmed with the camera vertical. Dangnabit! The image is tall, with black sides, so you'll find full screen viewing best. I knew better than to do this. I did, I did, I did. But brain farts happen. Alas.

When you click on that button right below you'll see it on my new Kidpeople Classroom YouTube channel.  And be SURE to leave me some love and QUESTIONS... I'm betting you'll have questions... Where'd you get that? How'd you make that? Why'd you do that?... lots of questions.

Those of you who have been following this summer know that the video is just one way I'm sharing ideas for my classroom design series. I put all the info together in a post with links which I will keep updated so you can find mini-tours, how-tos, and discussions on all sorts of classroom design topics. I DO love having a classroom that is well designed, comfortable, and filled with learning. Next to my house, I spend more of my life there than anywhere else... Jonathan says I might have that flipped. eyeroll. Everything there matters to me, and to my students as well. I think you'll be able to gather some golden nuggets from the classroom design series. Click below to go there. Be sure to come back throughout the summer. I'm writing as fast as I can, but I have a long list of topics to cover. I'm hoping your comments and questions will guide me, so please, please, please help me out. 

All for NOW! See you LATER. Now get to watching, pinning, liking and COMMENTING!

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