Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pick 3 Pins-- This is a GOODIE!

Ooo, what a fun linky!  Pick 3 Linky is hosted by Lisa at Pawsitively Teaching and Marissa at Inspired Owl's Corner. On the 3rd of each month teachers share their top three Pinterest finds to share for the month ahead. What a terrific idea! Thanks, guys!

I LOVE Pinterest and love seeing new ideas there. So to have this one big source to see some top rated pins is really a treasure. Here are my THREE... so hard to choose, so hard to choose, there are so many.

December is such a fun month. It's right after a major assessment time and it's a short three week month. It's the perfect time to enjoy the move into winter with some fun new focus. Both kids and adults are in a special mood that really only comes this time of year. Love it!

Wintery Fun for the Staff Lounge!

I'm going to do this for the staff lounge! This weekend I'm sneaking in to put on the decorations. I've taken measurements and I'll have everything ready to go.  So if one of my colleagues happens to be reading this– shhhh– mums  the word, both before it goes up and after.  I want to remain a little SECRET elf.  Hee. 

LOVE the background!

These are going up! I haven't decided how we'll make the snowmen-- there are SO many cute ones, just click to see on my pinterest board– but this is how we'll do the background for sure.  Blue paper, a couple shades of tissue, glue, and white paint. The cotton ball snow mist is a nice touch, too. Just gorgeous. Some fine motor practice with scissors and brush is a bonus, as well.

You can do a lot with this idea!

Golly, I love binder clips! There's so much to do with them! This little photo idea turns them into great game pieces. I'm going to make a set to use at school, and won't they be fun to take home at the end of the year. And any little characters my kiddos make-- like snowmen, for example-- could be stood up and played with this way. Easy, versatile, and CUTE!

Well, I don't know about you, but now I'm going to go hit every one of those linkys in this party! I love to PIN!  Yippee!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, what fun! I LOVE the refrigerator! How simple and fun! :) Thanks so much for sharing! AND that background is gorgeous with the blues.

    1. Thanks Carolyn. Sure would love to claim the ideas as mine, but at least we'll have fun with them now that we know about them. Thanks for stopping by! Kathleen

  2. Love your pins! I love the idea of surprising the staff with the snowman door- so cute! That would be cute on the classroom door too. I love those binder clips! So cute! Thank you again for linking up! :)

    1. You're welcome! This is a fun and useful link-up! Kathleen


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