Saturday, December 13, 2014

Freebies and $ Store Finds for the Holidays and Beyond

I'm writing today to share some Dollar Store Finds and some freebies to get you through the last few days before Winter Break!! Yay!! And I'm linking up with Primary Powers FaLaLa Link Up for Holiday Freebies to let people know.  Thanks, Guys! Many of my little tips– and Freebies– are not just for the holiday season, but will take you into the new year, too.

1. I love those sensory tubs that everyone's making these days. I decided to make one to practice sight words. I bought a couple bags of white shredded paper at the dollar store and then threw in ten little foam cut-out snowmen on which I wrote sight words. The kids had to dig through to find these little guys and when they did, they wrote the words on a list. It took them longer than I thought it would I'm happy to say, and they were very good about not making a mess. I'm going to change this activity up a bit for the coming winter weeks– adding some silver tinsel and numbers on snowflake foamies.

Over time it fluffed up so much I had to take some out!
You won't need as much as you think.

To make this activity special next time Jonathan whipped up some new list paper, and I have them here to share with you.  There's snowflakes, a snowman, and a new plain border. Click on the picture below to download this little Freebie.

Also, don't forget that my freebie list paper on TPT has lists for games, toys, and presents– rather useful this time of year, too.  If you don't have it, click on this picture to get it.

2. Also at the dollar store were some fun plastic candy canes. They came six to the package and they look quite real.  There were lots of giggles when I handed them out as tappers for reading group.

And a large candy cane is just a dollar, too. I didn't take a picture in class, but here it is from the catalog. (I didn't know Dollar Tree HAD a catalog, but they do and when you order, it comes to the store for pick up.) They are sold as lawn ornaments, but they make a great teacher pointer.  I loved the gasps when I used it to read our poem this week.

3. Also at my dollar store was a larger than normal selection of puzzles. I stood there looking at them when an idea came to mind.  I grabbed a baby seal puzzle, and wrote word wall words on the back of each cardboard piece. I put them out on a tray, picture side up. As each child took a piece, they all read the word and wrote it down, then figured out where the piece went in the puzzle. It was a hit and a good cooperative activity. And OMGosh, I was lucky enough to find a Frozen puzzle to use after break!!! Be still my beating heart. Will they be able to let it go together?.. Has there EVER been a Disney hit as big??

4.  And lookee-lookee what else I found!  I can't go through the dollar store without stopping at the teacher section. I nabbed three new magnetic spinners! Do you have any of these? I have a couple from a catalog that I spent WAY more than a dollar on... and here they were for a buck each.  I use them on the white board as they are intended, but actually I find them more useful as spinners in center activities.

I take a piece of paper with sections drawn on it, and then write what they are spinning for in the sections-- numbers, letters, words, colors, shapes, etc.  Place that paper on a magnetic, wipe-off lapboard.  The magnet in the spinner holds the paper very well.

I include two very SIMPLE spinner templates to download here. It will just save you a couple minutes in setting them up. You can add anything you want to the sections. Click on either pic above to grab them.

5.   And now for one little last heehee.  Did you know we are missing out on FORTUNES?  I was in a local chain drug store and saw these for sale.

They are pipe cleaners twisted into links to make a chain... nothing more.

And they ONLY cost $2.99. I cracked UP!  So get your kindergartners into a production line, folks! Kindergarten craft is now going for big bucks and there is money to be made!  hee.

Now click on back to find more FREEBIES!  And have a great weekend!

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  1. I officially need to go to the dollar store again! (don't tell my husband, hehe) I love the candy cane pointer idea!! I bet the kids were so excited about that! I need to find some fun reading pointers for them too during reading groups. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Oooo, the dollar store IS dangerous, but this time I really did spend very little money and got great new stuff. Hope you have fun! Thanks for stopping by Alex! Kathleen

  2. "Well I am heading to the Dollar Store this afternoon. What great finds. Hopefully I can find some of the things you shared. Love the puzzle pieces with the sight words, and the sensory bucket, too. And I NEED that huge candy cane, that would be such a hit." Says Laura from Luv My Kinders....
    But- duh- I deleted it because my finger slipped and hit the 'delete' instead of 'publish!!!' And as far as I can tell, there is no way to get it back... Sometimes this whole blogger process is a mystery.... THANKS Laura! Hope you can find all your after and more!!


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