Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ooo, Look What We Did with HUE

Would you like to win a HUE camera and animation kit? Well, READ ON!

I am SO happy to be linking up with fellow Michigander and blogging buddy Stephanie from over at Forever in Fifth Grade. I am linking up with her two ways today, actually. Today is her Show and Tell Linky AND we are going in together to sponsor a Giveaway! A Giveaway of a HUE Animation Studio kit! Yes!

Here's the Tell part of my post– As regular readers know, I went to the Bloggers Retreat in French Lick, Indiana. If you wonder what that was about, you can click on the picture below.

Just weeks before I went I read a blog post on the HUE HD Camera and Animation Kit. I knew it was something I wanted to try, and I was just about to put one in my cart. Then more info on the retreat came out and I saw that the HUE people were going to be donating some raffle prizes at the event. I figured I could wait a couple more weeks on the camera.

Well, I had very bad prize karma at the retreat and didn't win a darn thing, but... HUE made an offer to bloggers– they would give us a camera and animation kit AND a second camera and animation kit to give away to readers if we made an animated video and blogged about it. Yippeee. I. was. off!!

Here is the Show part of this post– Drumroll, please!

What'cha think? The most exciting seventeen seconds ever on screen, eh? The kiddos are really into worms right now, in case you couldn't tell. We did a second fancier one, too, but I'm saving that one– ha. You'll have to come back on Friday!

There were a few hurdles to leap over in the production process, but overall it was a great experience for the kiddos and me, too. I am so grateful to HUE for the camera and kit.

Would you like a camera and animation kit? Well, Stephanie and I are going to give one away! And maybe we are going to give it to YOU! So enter below. You get one try if you follow me, Kidpeople Classroom via Bloglovin' or Email. And you get one try if you follow Forever in Fifth Grade on TPT.  Enter below!

One sad thing though, the animation kit as a prize is only available to people in the US due to HUE shipping restrictions. Sorry those of you reading from abroad. sniff.


Okay, so you saw the first video, you entered the contest, now I bet you'd like to know how we made that cute little cartoon. So here is a little bit more or a Tell.  I've broken the experience down into five parts:

                             1. Coming up with a project
                             2. Explaining the process to the students
                             3. Everybody's role
                             4. Filming
                             5. Editing and behind the scene problem solving

I am going to walk you through the process we used for making our animations on Friday... because, hey, I have five steps to go over and what better way then linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday. And besides, it is Monday night and I've got school in the morning and need a little shut eye. See you back here FRIDAY!

Hop on over to Forever in Fifth Grade by clicking below and check out what is going on. If you haven't followed her TPT store and entered for the second time, you can do that now. AND there are a bunch of other bloggers who linked up, so go see what everybody's up to in these last days of school, or for some, first days of summer.

See you FRIDAY!


  1. Oh my goodness! I want one of those cameras! I can do so much with it! How fortunate for you and your kiddos that you have one! Love your video. My fingers are crossed that my name is drawn with your Rafflecopter!


    1. GOOD luck. You would love it! Stop by on Friday and see our other one. Kathleen

  2. The Animation camera is AMAZING! Your video cute. I really want one now.

    1. Oh, good, and good luck! Thanks for stopping by. Kathleen

  3. The video you made with your kids is great! Thanks for linking up and inviting me to do the giveaway with you!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. Thanks and no problem. Your linky is a great one. Kathleen

  4. A wonderful 17 seconds of animation, Kathleen very professional looking and I wish everyone the best of luck in your Rafflecopter and totally understand U.S. teachers only. I was lucky enough over 15 years ago to be given some hand held movie cameras for kids, here in England, and know how brilliant that was - in this day of phone videos it's hard to believe how little technology we had in the classroom then!!
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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