Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Teachereciation!

Oh, there is nothing like this day in the year. Monday is the kick off of a week of special teacher appreciation activities at our school– breakfasts, lunches, popcorn, school supplies, little notes, special displays... ah, so nice.  This was posted at my door when I got to school.

Parents made the poster for this special week.
My lizard sign hangs all year and was made by DH Jonathan.

My all time FAV though, are the kids who come in the door saying,

Happy Teachereciation, Mrs. Wright!

So. dang. cute. I have a couple littles each year who just can't manage that mouthful of words so they blend it all together. Love.

And now some love for YOU. I am linking up with some blogging buddies to give away two fifty dollar Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificates. Imagine all the fun and learning you'll be able to have in your classroom with $50 to spend at TPT! Whoot!

Here is everybody who is part of the Teacher Appreciation Giveaway.

Here is everybody's link if you want to check them out.

And here is the spot to enter to win! There are twenty three ways to win! Go for it!

Teacher Appreciation Week

I love giveaways. I have picked up several goodies over the years. Here's hoping you have good luck! And even if it's not in the cards for you this time, I hope you have a GREAT teacher appreciation week. WE know how challenging the job can be and it only helps us appreciate each other more.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to check out a few fellow bloggers from the list who I don't know yet. See you next time!

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