Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Simple, Nutritious, AND Delicious?

Yep, this any season fresh fruit salad is the BEST. It takes only a few minutes to make with things you probably have around the kitchen, and everybody will love it. Its basic ingredients are available in the grocery store all year long. Guests always want to know how to make it with it's secret ingredient dressing... heh, heh, heh.

Today I link with Deb at Not Very Fancy in First to share.

Here's a picture of everything you need. Well, you don't really need my overstuffed cookbook or the duck masher...

Do you see the secret ingredients?

Start with common fruits– apple, grapes, banana and orange or clementine. You can use any fruits you have, but these are our favorites. You actually only need one apple, banana and orange, and small bunch of grapes to serve four people. This gives everyone a serving that's the equivalent of a single serving of fruit. Slice them all into bite size pieces. Throw them in a bowl.

Chop up some walnuts, or pecans, and throw them in. Add a handful of raisins.

Now here's the surprise dressing– take a full, rounded tablespoon of frozen orange juice concentrate, and a  very generous shake of cinnamon. You can mix these two together in a separate bowl, or if you are easy like me, just add them separately to the bowl. You can adjust for taste.

It was my good friend, Jayne, who told me to try orange juice concentrate as a dressing, and honest to pete, it tastes delicious. Some added sugar, but no added fat. And a tablespoon isn't much. You just want all the fruit to be moist.

I add cinnamon to everything because we like the taste, and experts now say that it's really good for your heart and circulation. I shake it on Cheerios, oatmeal, and my Nutella and banana toast in the mornings. I shake it into my skim latte in the afternoon. And I put it in lots of fruit dishes like this one all the time.

Here's how it looks when it all goes in...

And here's how it looks after you mix it and it's ready to eat...

Voila! Ten minutes start to finish. There are rarely leftovers, but in my family if there are, they get eaten the next day, even if they are a bit mushy. 

What do you do with fresh fruit? Let me know in the comments. 

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