Sunday, August 2, 2015

Currently August and Start of School

Currently it is AUGUST! Summertime... and the living is easy... HA! Not for us teachers. Whether we're already back, or not back for weeks, all of us are thinking SCHOOL. I join up with Farley to share what else I'm thinking currently.

LISTENING to the kids out in the neighbors' yard. I think they're having a sleepover. Flashlights, pjs, and the zipline at night are making it extra fun.

LOVING that it is a perfect night. Lucky kids to get it for their party. Hope a storytelling campfire I'm hosting in a couple weeks has as nice a night.

THINKING we've had terrific weather. Only a few days here and there of hot and humid. Wondering who will be the fool who says when we get back to school that it's been too cold... I've spent the summer imagining being on the coast of England with holiday weather. Perfect!

WANTING to get all of this week's posts written so I  have been writing like a fool today! I just posted another in my Start of School series. I have a Monday Made It ready and a cooking adventure for Not Very Fancy in First for Tuesday, AND yet one more for SOMEtime... For me blogging is feast or famine...

NEEDING you to please, please, please click on this button to see Saturday's post on jobs for parents who can't come in to school.

B2S RAK  Okay. I'm hoping that the colleagues didn't read this far... I think I might give them a scented gel pen if I can find them. So many colors, so many scents! hee hee hee! And if I can't find them... well, it will be chocolate, of course.

Link on back to Farley's Currently and see what else is up as we slip into August... AFTER you first click on that button up there (with the pic of my two on their first day at their new school that I still teach at... those flowers were for me because I had to be in my own classroom and miss  their big send off... they were so little... sniff) and read my post about parents working for you from home.

Thanks for stopping by. See you later!


  1. Love your Start of School posts! There are some great tips there for starting the school year. Hope you have a great vacation!
    - Stacie
    Smocus Smocus

    1. Ah, Stacy, my heart sings! Thanks for leaving word. See you around. Kathleen


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