Saturday, August 2, 2014

Currently August

Wow! It's August! That means it's back to school month! Even if the kiddos don't actually come to class this month, I'll be seeing them for this or that before the calendar turns again. Which means there is a LOT TO DO! No better way to think about it than with Farley's Currently August... even if I am a little late coming to the party this time because I posted every day this week and ran out of days!... THAT's a first. Please check out my lining up tips post– there's some surprises in there. Whoot!

Listening to those darn squirrels. O.M.Gosh what PESTS. They eat my flowers, they make messes, they craze the dog, and now as I sit out here on my wonderful deck in the last almost calm days before school gets under way, they're dropping stuff on me! Bonk, Thunk, Dink, Thump! Ugh. WHY do I still like them even a teeny bit... well, they are cute. They are funny. And all three varieties– Gray, Black, and Fox– have been hanging out here all summer keeping me company... I'm such a wuss. Ugh.

Loving that I still have some fun social engagements on the calendar for this month. Time for one more coffee or one more lunch with some of the girlfriends, and a visit or two from friends and family. Yesss!

Thinking about going back... Yup. Like all the rest of us who are not quite back yet, we almost might as well be, because is there ANYthing else to think about this month?? 

Wanting to have my classroom organized and done. Done. Done. 

Needing to finish up!  Finish up what you ask? Prepping for some district PD I'm doing for new and new-to-grade-level kindergarten teachers AND meeting with my new principal!!!! AND prepping my packets for incoming families AND gathering my first week of materials AND cleaning the house one more big time this August... how DOES it get dirty all the time... it's like someone LIVES here... AND putting finishing touches on some TPT materials FINALLY... AND ... AND... AND... maybe Farley should add a "Hating" up there because I'm not so happy about these to-do list things that are pushing me toward panic... and I have not exactly been idle all summer! Ugh!

The ol' going back dates... well, district teachers are "officially" back on August 25.  I'm "back" the week before because I'm giving PD. The kiddos' first day of school is September 2... Labor Day is early this year... and as I've said before, it is Michigan law that kids can't start back until after Labor Day to help everyone have one more long weekend Up North to put some bucks into the Michigan tourism trade.  I'll be seeing my kiddos before school starts at a couple school/kindergarten welcome events. And of course, I'm already back in shoving, and painting, and sorting, and finding... the never ending job of a teacher.

Sigh. Breathe. There's still time. I know I'm not alone with most of these feelings. Every teacher in the profession is right there. with. me. Maybe you, too, need to remember you are not alone.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this!
    A bit jelly that you don't return until the end of the month. I reported back July 22nd after just getting out June 17th! Good luck with your projects :)

    1. Oh, my, that was a short break. I hope you're in one of the districts that staggers breaks throughout the year. We are probably all going that way. Hang in :) Kathleen


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