Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Yay for the Yeti! And a Funny Kid Story

Happy New Year! I welcome 2019 even as I know the next three months can be long ones as we slog through winter toward spring, especially if you are in a cold, snowy or gray place. My little Southeast corner of Michigan got surprisingly early snow in November, but then not much but rain and gray skies since. blah. So I have a couple of posts coming your way because they will introduce some new fun into your next few months. Today, let me tell you about our yeti!

The Yeti Card set includes all sorts of cards– letters, words, and numbers– for PreK, Kindergarten and First Grade teachers to teach all sorts of skills. Letters in upper and lowercase can be turned into matching or beginning sound games. And there are over 100 high frequency word cards, too. 

The number cards go from 0-120 to practice recognition, counting, number order, addition and subtraction... the list goes on. 

Our Yeti is super cute and my hubs, Jonathan, created him just for this set. You won't find him anywhere else. I even included some blank cards and a big blank of this cutie so you can use him in so many ways... I'm going to write Welcome Back! and use him as a sign at my door when we start back on Monday. My principal even wanted a big copy of him to do who knows what with. With the Big Foot movie out now, EVERYONE is into Yeties. 

Our Yeti Pack is just two bucks. You really can't go wrong. Just click on the Snow Day Yeti below to find them on TPT, along with lots of other stuff, much of it FREEBIES! Happy New Year to All!

Look at him... That's the spirit!  snort

And I think this long time coming post might need a funny kid story, eh? Even if it's not Friday.

There were two cute little kindergartners walking hand in hand out the door at the end of the day. As they went past me, I heard this little exchange:

Kiddo 1:  I live in Michigan.
Kiddo 2:  No, I live in Michigan.
Kiddo 1:  NO.  I live in Michigan.
Kiddo 2:  NO! I live in Michigan...

And we think we are teaching easy geography lessons when we pull down that mitten map. snort. 

It reminded me of another little guy I know, who, when his mom told him he lives in the United States, said, "NO, I live in Michigan!" It does make perfect sense that you can't be in two places at once, after all  :)   

See you next time for some Hygge! Don't know about Hygge? Then for sure you can't miss what's coming! Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. If you want to round out a Yeti unit, I found some great Yeties, games, and books, books, books,  which I blogged about in this post– Click on the image below to find it.

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