Monday, June 19, 2017

Teacher Book Talk Tuesday– Farts, Butts, and Dads

Today I post to two linkups– Teacher Book Talk Tuesday AND Forever in 5th Grade's Show & Tell Tuesday.

I hope you are in a lighthearted mood because I am... in case you couldn't tell from today's title. Maybe this has something to do with it.

All wrapped up... or should I say covered up

Although my last day was Friday, I spent some time Saturday, Sunday, and Monday sorting and packing, covering and shoving everything into one half of the room so they could clean and wax the linoleum floor which is usually covered by carpeting. sigh. But at least it is done now.

And this poor teacher husband helped.

Yes, that's him there in the middle. He was SUPPOSED to be putting the Bilibos away, and instead I hear a strange sound and this big-headed, helmeted creature was bumping around in the book nook area. sigh. again.

But it was Father's Day after all... yes. How bad am I?? My DH was in the classroom on Sunday. He had a rather poopoo Father's Day, but we did go to the movies afterwards, where his super dad fantasy came to life.

I love photo prop movie promos

See that shirt? It came from our eldest, and it was a perfect Father's Day gift for her to give him. She would call him to come all the way to Seattle to kill a spider if she could. And he would go if it wasn't so expensive.  How did I find such a lovely, goofy, accommodating man, always so tolerant of his arachnophobic daughters (yes, both of them) and his workaholic wife. Here's to all the classroom helper, spider killing men in our lives! May we remember to appreciate them every day and not just Father's Day.

Here's what my students took home for Father's Day this year.

What are those?? Well, they are dads in beds. And inside the cute decorated paper bag beds was a muffin so each child could serve their dad breakfast in bed on Father's Day. We made muffins on the last Thursday before school was out, going into the teachers' lounge right after the morning bell– I was afraid we'd be scolded for heating up the lounge with the oven as it was a hot day. But there is AC in the lounge, one of the few rooms in the building with it, and it wasn't too bad. We had morning meeting in there while we waited for the baking... and of course, we made a few for our own snack... Banana Chocolate Chip, if you please. A little baking to round out our last crazy week was just what we needed and the kidpeople loved it.

I got the idea from Dr. Jean. She includes a cute little poem, which I put on the tag along with directions to refrigerate or freeze until Sunday morning. Then the kids wrote I love you on the tag. I took two pieces of crumpled up scrap paper to help fill up the bag and make them more bedlike. You can read Dr. Jean's post if you click on the picture up above or Pin to your Pinterest board to remember for next year.

Now on to a book or two.

Jurassic Farts by P.U. Rippley and Evan Palmer

P. U. Rippley. snort. Okay, so this is not the typical book I read to the kinders. I found it last summer while on vacation and knew that I would be big hit with the kiddos. There is some factual info, with great pronunciation guides for saying dinosaur names, and some goofy info about dinosaur behavior and farts... but hey, as I tell the kids, every living thing needs to eat, every living thing needs to poop, and every living thing probably needs to fart. Scientists make a lot of educated guesses about dinos, so why not details of their farting, too.

And see those ten little red buttons on the book there? Well, those are fart sound effects, and some of them are very good. We were awarding them titles by the time we were done- the longest fart, the juiciest fart, the scariest fart, the most humanlike fart... you get the idea. Fun and giggles were part of this story session. When is there time to read fart books if not in the last week of school? We ARE supposed to cover all book genres, after all. I gave this book a four star rating, the kidpeople gave it a five.

Whose Butt? by Stan Tekiela

No animal unit is complete without this book. It contains the MOST interesting details about animals. And the book is set up to keep you guessing who each butt belongs to. 

I tell you sometimes it is tricky to know an animal by its butt. My kiddos are experts at it, even if we don't test them on it. And it certainly is a very engaging topic. No one is going to snooze through this book. Even my English language learners were highly participatory– lots of good animal vocabulary was gleaned. Better add this one to your wishlist... don't forget to check out sources for used books, too. I am all about having millions... well, thousands of books in the classroom, but I am sure not all about spending my millions.... hahahaha, thousands, on them.

And you thought I was joking that fart and butt book reviews would be in the series. snort.

Now don't forget to keep cruising by in the coming weeks. In addition to the Teacher Book Talk Tuesday Linky this summer, I am also going to post a series on classroom design complete with plenty of photos and a video. Just gonna take a few weeks to morph into summer mode now that school is finally out, and give myself some time for video editing. The posts will come out over the month of July.

Now click Stephanie's button for more Show and Tell links, and do scroll down and see if other bloggers have linked up some book talks. Bloggers, remember we are talking about kid books, teacher books, and books just for fun. Grab the book talk button and link on back here.

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See you next time!


  1. We actually had to move EVERYTHING out of our classrooms this year. I ended up having to get a storage unit and my husband helped me move it too. I love the Book Talk and will definitely join you soon! Thanks!


    1. Oh, my gosh! With each classroom move- I have done three on my life, I have gone to smaller rooms and more and more stuff has had to go into storage at home. I hesitate to get rid of too much because you never know what other shift- new room, new grade, new district furniture- you are going to have to accommodate AGAIN. Hang in and I hope you get to enjoy your summer now! Kathleen

  2. Those are some great ideas for keeping kids engaged during the last long week of school! Have a great summer break! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. I always wonder what parents think when their kids come home talking about butts and farts... there goes that Mrs. Wright again :P Thanks for stopping in. Kathleen

  3. I too have a growing picture book collection. It's a wonder no one has gotten lost packing them up in my room :) I will have to find "Whose Butt?"

    1. Oh. the. summer. pack-up! If people only knew! Have a GREAT summer!! Kathleen

  4. Replies
    1. Wish I could take credit for the idea. I try to read other bloggers and Dr. Jean keeps me grounded, even as so much new is crammed into the curriculum, and consequently so much squeezed out. Pin to do next year. Thanks for stopping by! Kathleen

  5. Oh my goodness, your husband sounds like he is so much fun! And speaking of fun... those books? My sixth grade boys would howl with laughter! Not sure we would be able to make it through them since I'd probably laugh harder than even they. Really, can you imagine scientists studying dinosaur farts??? LOL! Can't wait to see what you choose to share next week!

    Happy Summer!

    1. You know, the book has some quasi-scientific info that went right over my kiddos heads, but older kids would get it. You might launch quite a few into paleontology :) Thanks for stopping by, Angela. Kathleen


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