Monday, January 16, 2017

Free Snowflake Cutting Template for Little Kids!

Happy Winter! I'm sharing an old activity with a new twist today! There's even a freebie to grab!

I grew up in Michigan and we Michiganders spent a lot of time with snow. One of our favorite past times was cutting paper snowflakes Seemed every teacher in every grade found ways to use those snowflakes. Even as a freshman in college I remember spending too much time procrastinating on homework cutting snowflakes, then covering them with glue and glitter to hang around our dorm room.

Well, now I teach little five year old Michiganders how to make snowflakes... problem is, those little fingers don't have the coordination to cut very intricate designs. They work away at it, but alas, their efforts usually result in sorry oblongs of paper with a few holes in them.

SO, I asked the DH to make some snowflake cutting templates for me. And boy, THEY WORK!

These are the snowflakes the five year olds can cut with the template.

It takes just a little bit of prep using the templates, paper clips, and white, standard basket-style coffee filters.

1. Fold the coffee filter in half

2. Fold the half into thirds. One third folded up...

3. Then the other third folded up.
Now the coffee filter is folded in sixths.

4. Tuck the folded filter into the folded template.

5. And clip it closed with a paper clip.

6. Cut off the shaded parts.

Shaded bits cut off.

Carefully unfold it. Voila!

Even five year olds can do it!


You can have these snowflake cutting templates as a little freebie from me to you. There are four copies of three different snowflake shapes– the shading is in different darknesses to fit the printing and copying method you use. I like the dot shading myself because it copies well on the school copier.

I do ask that you do one thing, though... PIN IT!  Thanks!

Click to download free template

Well, that's all for today's post. I'm linking up with Forever in Fifth Grade's Show and Tell Tuesday. I posted before Tuesday in case teachers had a few open minutes for blog reading on Martin Luther King day. If I have enough time myself, I'm even going to post again as I have another little trick up my sleeve to share. Go check out the other goodies on the linky. And thanks, Stefanie!

See you soon!


  1. I love making snowflakes with my students, and those look super easy! Thanks for the freebie and for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. You are so welcome! If bigger kids use them a couple times, they can sometimes enhance their own snowflake cutting designs when they go without a template.


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