Saturday, November 19, 2016

Turkey Technology and Other Random Stuff

Oh Happy Week. I link-up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.

1.  Have you seen this video. It pretty much sums up my week... yep.

2.  And then there is this.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. Our fall here in the south-east corner of Michigan has been absolutely delightful, lasting over two months, and oh-so-welcome after the record breaking high temps and humidity this summer. But there's no denying it now... winter is coming...

3.  Just look at these sandbox pics, from this very week, no less. So much science going on. 

Composting- leaves, dirt, leaves, dirt

An archeological dig- those dinos must have been around a watering hole

Pouring and packing

Spying with the periscope

4. Here's a project we did this week. It doesn't take long and might be something to try in your upcoming short week before Thanksgiving.

We went to the computer lab and drew turkeys with KidPix, using our hands as stencils. Yes, I let them put their hands on the screen- gasp! We really need practice with the mouse so tracing our hands was a good challenge. Then we printed only in black. When we brought them back to the room we talked about how the turkeys looked like they were floating in outer space. I added a horizon line to mine with a marker, colored the bottom green and the top blue- voila! The turkeys were on the earth. The kids got it right away. Who says you can't teach five year olds perspective. The kids added color, a few details, and the lyrics to a song we've been singing– art, technology, music, and literacy all wrapped up in one. 

A turkey getting a midnight snack

We could see in some photos we have of wild turkeys a bit of a blue-green sheen to their feathers. Some of us took artistic license with color.

5. I send this eCard from Blue Mountain to my families each year. I share it now with a wish that you have a fabulous, fun, family-filled Thanksgiving Day. Click to see it animated.

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