Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Start of School FREEBIES You Want

I don't know about you but I love cute and useful Freebies! Since today is Show and Tell Tuesday I'm going to show and tell you about three Start of School items that I made and that you might very well want, too, especially as they're FREE! Thanks to Stephanie at Forever in 5th Grade for the linky party!

1.  I posted about this one a few weeks back, as it is new this year.

This is a present for teachers to give their incoming students BEFORE school starts. You include it in a mailed home packet or give it out at Meet the Teacher Night, which most schools have now.

The freebie comes six to a page, in color or B&W, which you print and cut apart.

Then you add a glow in the dark star, easily found at most toy stores. A packet of stars is usually less than five dollars and that gives you enough for a whole class, and probably enough for next year's class, too. Put the star on the card with a little poster putty, which the kids use to put their star up in their room.

 I include a sample letter in the freebie that tells kids and parents what to do.  I'm going to put the card, star, and instruction letter into an envelope like this, and let the anticipation build.

After kids put their star up, they and their parents read the poem and make the wish, hopefully dispelling any nervous jitters in a fun, happy way. And by just changing the word "first" to "school" the wish and star can be used every night for the school year. Easy, peasy, and FUN! Click on the image below to grab it for free on TPT!

2.  My second show and tell is one for the first AND last week in class and is a fun way to see how much kids grow in the school year. It makes for a great end-of-year gift to parents that is sure to go in the "keeper box" at home.

Print this Freebie out on cardstock. It includes two poems– one about the string you use to measure the student's height at the beginning of the year, and one for the string that you use to measure at the end of the year.

The Freebie packet includes easy directions so just one teacher can measure each student. The poem comes in three versions– preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. In the coming weeks there will also be a Young 5s and Transitional Kindergarten versions- follow me to see notice of that TPT packet update. Click on the image below to grab it for free on TPT.

3.  And last, but not least, I share the ULTIMATE parent info card. (I didn't name it that... honest... my district kindergarten colleagues did when I shared it!) I include this in the packet that goes home before school starts (along with the Wishing Star) and ask parents to return it to me on or before the fist day of school.

This card asks for all the usual information and MORE– sibling names, who can and can't pick up kids from school (if parents put a "can't" that prompts me to ask about custody papers), expectations for the school year, preschool experience, and anything "unique" to their child or family– eating guidelines (vegetarian, kosher), two household living schedules, toileting issues, fears... info that teachers want and need, but that sometimes doesn't come to us for weeks into the school year.

It all fits on one half piece of paper, front and back. I copy them on bright green cardstock and carry them in my school bag... they have proven invaluable to me over the years. To make things easy, it is COMPLETELY editable in the basic font of Chalkboard, so you can tweak it as you like. Click on the image below to download this freebie.

ULTIMATE Parent Info Card Freebie from Kidpeople Classroom

If you would like more Start of School Tips click on the image in the right sidebar of my blog. You'll find out about Work and Mingle Night, the First Minutes and Day of School, and more.  (That photo is of my two daughters on their first day at our new school alooooong time ago... the years fly when you're having fun. They were carrying flowers to me, their teacher-mama.)

If any of these freebies are valuable to you I'd love to hear below, and I'd love for you to PIN! Click on back to Forever in 5th Grade to see more Show and Tells!

Have a great day, whether at school or prepping for back to school. Thanks for stopping by and see you next time!


  1. I love how you send how that glow in the dark star with that poem - so kind and loving. Hope Michigan's weather is cooling off a bit!

    1. Yes, yesterday and today are cooler!! And we had rain!! Some parts of the country have horrible flooding and we are up here watching everything green turn to brown! Thanks for stopping by! Kathleen

  2. These are all great freebies! Thanks for sharing and for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. You're welcome, Stephanie! See you next month... if I haven't lost my mind with the start of school :) Kathleen

  3. I love the envelope for the parents to surprise their kiddos in the morning:) You're such a kind teacher. It's very clear how invested you are in your students' lives in and out of school.


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