Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3– Love Scrolls, String Hearts, and Leap Year Goodies

Hello Folks! Happy February. Cannot believe it is February already, and such a weirdly mild one at that.,, at least for us here in the lower corner of Michigan. Where is the SNOW?? Here we go with three Pinned ideas for the month. Thanks to Lisa and Marissa for their monthly Pinterest Linky!!

Okay, so originally this scroll was for Father's Day, but I think a "love scroll" is a great idea that can be used this month of February. Make patterns on the sticks, paste on the paper, make the love list and tie on the ribbon. Can hardly wait to let my students make these for whoever they want. Fun.

This idea is an oldie but goodie, so I was glad to find it. My class really needs extra fine muscle practice this year, and the little math activity is a bonus. The FREEBIE printable has the holes already placed and numbered which makes the prep extra easy. I'm just going to print one copy, then use it as a template to trace and let them cut. I'd rather use red and pink cardstock than a lot of red printer ink.

When we flipped the calendar from January to February my guys were fascinated by the idea that one particular day was on the calendar only once every four years. I don't know if my five year olds understand the calendar completely, but they still loved the idea that they wouldn't be having another February 29th until they were in fourth grade. This packet is a FREEBIE from TPT- Thanks, Barb Evans. I'm going to save some of the activities until February 29th to emphasize the specialness of the day.

You can find a lot of pins on my Pinterest Boards. It is one of my favorite ways to collect ideas. I am very close to having as many followers as I do Pinners I'm following, which I didn't ever think would happen. My bucket list is full of Pins I hope to make, cook, build, try, travel to...

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I look forward to using today's three ideas in the coming weeks with the kidpeople. Hope you like them, too. Click away on the blog links below to find more good stuff for this month. Happy Pinning!!!

Now I'm back to nursing my cold and Pink Eye!!! Haven't had THAT in a million years. Oh, the hazards of a teacher's life. 


  1. I really love the love scroll! Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

    1. I've got my popsicle sticks all ready for next week. And we've been studying patterns. Hope it works for you, too. Kathleen

  2. The scroll is too sweet. Thanks for reminding us about Leap Day this February! We're glad you linked up!

    1. This is a favorite linky I hardly ever miss! Kathleen

  3. I have a TON of popsicle sticks in my classroom, now I finally have an idea for them!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kathleen, I love the Father's Day craft! I tend to forget to have the students make a Father's Day gift before they leave for summer- this will be on my to-do list for sure! Thank you for sharing and linking up with us! :)


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