Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Back to School Linky

Yippee! A new linky to show you some of my teacher faves! I'm linking with Layla, Courtney and Jamie for their Back to School in a Flash linky. Thanks, Ladies! This linky party goes for four weeks to share four different sorts of back to school tips with everyone.

Yep, I write with them.
They're not just for kids any more.

I know, I know, I know. Every teacher likes Flair pens. I do, too, and I have quite a stash. However, I might be the only teacher on the planet who actually prefers to write with good old cheap, fat Crayola markers most of the time. Sometimes the Flairs just make too skinny a line, and with the Crayola I can vary the size of line better. Ten colors are plenty- though I have a love of red, purple and black. And they are ONE BUCK a box at this time of year. So as I pick them up for the kids, I pick them up for me, too. I get the classic kind– I don't know why the washable even exist. Again, I might have the only classroom on the planet that doesn't use any washables, but I find they smear WAY too much as kids use them. And the classics have never been a problem when washing off the kids or clothes.

Restickable glue stick opens up new possibilities

Do you know about THIS glue stick? It's restickable! It turns any piece of paper into a sticky note. I keep a couple handy all year and find all sorts of use for them. I posted about building a start of year name chart that teaches abc order, among other things, where they play a key role. You can read that post here.

These are GEL highlighters 

Okay, so for me, these are a new find– Sharpie GEL highlighters. I've used them a bit and they are way cool. Entirely different than traditional highlighters, they are a gel stick, like a twistable crayon. They never dry out, so if you lose the cap you can just twist down the tip when you are done. The edge changes as you use them, like a crayon, but you can get all sorts of lines out of them. When they highlight you can see even very light text underneath. They take some getting used to, but I think I'll always have some on hand.

I've added this linky party to my Linky Party page, which I update regularly. So if you are a link-a-holic like me, you can find more by clicking the image below.

Hope you had fun on my page! Now it's time to party with the rest of the linkers. There are lots of new ideas to be found to carry you back to school and into the midst of the short people, when you click on the button below.  

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those highlighters look amazing! I am grabbing a set today! Thanks for linking up.

    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

    1. Hi Jamie. Yep, they are a good new marker technology. Hope you like 'em. Love your linky! Finding all sorts of good stuff! Kathleen

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that restickable glue stick, I have added it to my shopping list! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Restickable and Glue Stick in the same title make a teacher's heart swoon! Thanks for linking up!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

    1. Yep, it is pretty dog gone good :) Thanks for doing this linky. It's a good one.

  4. I've also noticed the washable markers are twice the price! WHY!
    Awesome linky!

    1. I've been using classics with kids for a million years, they haven't changed and they work great. Last year a little tyke got a BIG red mark on a pair of my pants that were intensely hand dyed. I thought for sure that was the end because I couldn't use any treatment on the pants because the dye would come out in that spot. I washed them like I always do and voila- no red mark, no sign it had been there. Bah, washable. Thanks for stopping by! Kathleen


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