Friday, February 13, 2015

FitFlops, Pie Tag, and Stamping Fun for Friday

Well, here's another bitterly cold Michigan Friday link up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday. I'm huddled under three blankets and thinking of you all in warmer temps.  brrr.

1. I don't usually blog about fashion too much, but a month ago I got a pair of boots that have become my comfort and joy. I have this bum knee with issues that come and go. I've always been really flexible and apparently really clumsy, too. Take a look at this photo that my mom recently unearthed.

A looooong time ago
Yep, my brothers and I were cute... but note my KNEES. Bandaids and I had a very close relationship when I was growing up.

Jump to current day and it's not too surprising that I have sore knees now. During the summer I wear nothing but FitFlop sandals and they do me very well. They have this special patented sole that really works for me. I thought I should try a winter version of FitFlops and YIPPEE! YAHOO! I'm so glad I did. They felt good on my feet from the first minute and I noticed a difference in my knee right away. No breaking in period needed. They are every bit as comfortable as the sandals. They go with everything and I've gotten tons of compliments.

New favs
They're not cheap, but the best price I found was on Amazon. I'm a FitFlop kinda girl I guess. Check them out for yourself.

2. If you live in the snowy states I hope you remember that new fallen snow is great for playing games like pie-tag. I took the kids out to the front yard where few people walk. Then I had them line up behind me and told them to stay in my path– a rather large challenge for kindergartners. I made a BIG circle, and twenty pairs of little feet turned it into a narrow walkway.

Making the pie

Then I tromped across the "pie" to cut six slices, designated the first "It," and let the fun begin. Kids had to stay on the path as they chased. It was interesting to see them use strategies to figure out how to change direction to tag someone.

Playing pie tag

It wasn't too long before someone's excitement got the better of them, of course, and they charged their own path across the pie, but it was fun even then.

Tuckered out from pie, but happy!

I have to be truthful– these are pics from years gone by... I forgot to play this year! Duh. I hope we get just ONE more big snow dump so we can play this year. Thought I should share the idea so you don't forget like me.

3. I seem to have lots of activities to help kids sort words by word families once they are familiar with the particular letter pattern. What I needed were more ways to let kids practice making words in one particular family right after I taught it. So I got out the letter stampers, of which I have two sets, and put out the letters for just that chunk, and then some letters to make words in that family.  To save on copying, I folded the paper into six parts so the kids had a specific place to stamp each word and an illustration to go with it.

Letter stamps and folded paper equal word family activity

I liked the easy set up, and the kids liked discovering all the chunk words they could make with the stamps I put out. Thought it was an idea worth sharing. If you have letter stamps, it's low-prep, low-cost, hands-on learning.

4. Have you seen this video? I found it SO inspirational! If you're fighting the Get Fit War and thinking it's a battle you'll never win, take heart because you're not alone, Sister! Here's 90 seconds of Pump Up!

5. I leave you with this little Valentine scene. All these Valentines around our classroom fireplace came from fourteen different states– note the little map in the display.

We loved sending our own Valentines off, then getting mail and reading the letters. I also loved all the new ideas for kid-made Valentines-- especially the heart peacock that is front and center. And this little project brought on all sorts of discussion about maps and climate. This coming week is a winter break for us, but I'm leaving the love letters up for our kindergarten round-up which takes place the Tuesday we're back. The incoming newbies and parents can see what's ahead. Check out this post at PAWSitively Teaching to participate next year.

Hope you have a terrific Valentine Weekend! Scoot on back to Doodlebugs and catch what's going on with everybody else. Thanks, Kacey, as always!

Glad you stopped by. Hope you enjoyed your visit!


  1. LOVE your classroom fireplace! How did you do that???
    I live in KC and we haven't had much snow this year, but I am looking forward to playing pie-tag with the kids- how creative! Love your blog!
    First Grade Bangs

    1. Oh, we bought an old mantle, put a black foam core board across the opening, then used place and press floor tiles to tile it in. Twinkly lights around logs, an old plastic letter holder forms the grate, and old hand irons complete the scene. It's only missing heat, which some days in my classroom would be really appreciated! Hope you get just enough snow for pie tag :) Thanks for stopping by. Kathleen

  2. I love Pie Tag! How fun! And you have a fireplace in your classroom?!?!? How cozy! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. Hi Carolyn! No place I live in, or almost live in (as with the classroom), is complete without a fireplace. We've put in real and fake. This one has no heat, but lots of ambiance! See you next time. Kathleen

  3. I definitely want to participate in the Valentine's Day swap next year! Our Social Studies curriculum changed to focus on our town and state. The kids could include information about our state in their valentines. I'm loving your classroom fireplace and Pie Tag! We certainly have enough snow to play it. In fact, it's snowing again right now!
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    Love, love, love the pie tag! Your photos of it are awesome. I had forgotten about that game since childhood. I need to check out those boots also.


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