Thursday, June 19, 2014

Funny Kid Friday- New Linky Party!

Everybody loves a funny kid story. Given the hours teachers spend with kids, we have tons of them. I live for them and see them as one of the most joyful perks of my job. There have been days when I laughed so hard I cried– sometimes with the kids, and sometimes afterwards with the adults in my life.
We all love funny kid stories!
And let's remember that the things kids do and say are not only funny. Occasionally they are surprising, sad, or worrisome. For the observant teacher, there is sometimes a lot to be learned about children, our teaching, and our world when we reflect on their words.

I created this linky space for us to share our stories. So often friends and family say to me, "You've got to write that down!" And yet I rarely do. So I share one with you here, and you get your turn down below.

This story happened last week, my last of the school year. There is this surprising phenomenon I see each year, and this year was no exception. On Wednesday, I announced it was time to take down the word wall as I strolled over to it.  A chorus of "Noooooo" rang out and one little person threw his arm over his eyes and proclaimed "I can't look!"

Really, there are moments when it is very hard to keep a straight face.

I went on to say that just as we built our word wall together, the next group of kidpeople would need to do the same thing. "And besides," I added, "I'm going to give the words to all of you." I was greeted with big eyes, and another little kidperson squealed out, "To KEEP??!!"

"Yes. Can you believe it??" I said, happy to be the bearer of such fantastic news. I then carefully took off the words, one at a time, and ceremoniously chose a child to receive the, and then to, and we, and play, and...

Now very few of you have ever seen my word wall, but it is not fancy. I cut cardstock into strips, then each Friday handwrite the words we learned that week, trim the end so the length of the card is the length of the word, and staple it to the word wall bulletin board. We have a little routine we do which involves spelling and writing the words on our "magic slates," or in other words, our palms. There are no fancy borders, pictures, or colors on the cards. Lots of teachers do walls like that, I just describe mine so you see that it is truly "not much" that they get with that word on a card.
Useful. Not too fancy.
And yet, ever since the first time I serendipitously took down the word wall when the kids were with me in class, their reaction has been the same. Year after year, whole classes of kids have been saddened to see it come down and VERY happy to receive a few of those cards for their very own.

Why do you think kids react this way? Is it that they are fond of the daily routines we do all year? Is it that they value the word wall as a tool and view it as an old friend? Or is it their love of learning and their love of kindergarten itself that is coming through?  Whatever it is, it is amazing... and yes, funny!

So how about it? How about if you join me as we share the chuckles, the awwws, the oh-nos, and perhaps the insights that our kiddos bring to us in their words and actions. Come on, you know you have some stories in mind right now. And if you're not a blogger, or a teacher, not to worry. Just add your anecdote in the comment section below. Take as much space as you need to tell the tale. We'll all check out the comment section as well as the links.

My plan is to make this a weekly Friday linky party during the summer, and a monthly one after that... I hope it doesn't turn into just a single weekly funny kid story by yours truly... but if it does, at least you'll know where to find a giggle if you need one. Grab this icon and put it in your post with a link to this page. Then link up. Be sure to read a couple other stories yourself and leave some love for those "teacher storytellers."  They'll appreciate it, and so will you when you get some comments. Easy-peasy, as my kidpeople say.

One. last. thing. These stories don't have to be about classroom life with kids, but life with kids anywhere. Your own kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbors... A kid is a kid is a kid, so share away!

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  1. I will definitely have to stop back next week to share a funny kid story! Enjoyed reading your word wall tale--those words are reminders of the special time they shared... :0) I just found your blog through Five for Friday and am so glad I did. I am a new follower and fellow teacher blogger! BTW--love your blog design!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much! I just checked out Hoots N' Hollers, and am following you, too. Want to check out your new math blog as well. See you again soon :)

  2. Kathleen, this new linky looks like it will be so much fun! Sorry I wasn't able to link up last week- will definitely link up this week. :)

    1. Oh, goodie! I can hardly wait. Good to hear from you!