Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Hedgehog Freebie and More

Happy Spring! This is a quickie post with a few little things you might like! Thanks to Stephanie for Show and Tell Tuesday!

What do you do to celebrate spring with your kiddos? I usually do a planting project, but I am a bit overdosed with special projects at the moment... between St. Patrick's Day, Dr Seuss week, and worm day in the last couple weeks– whew! So I was looking for something pretty easy in the planting department.

I have done the kids faces on cups, so it looks like they are growing hair. You can see a photo from a couple years ago and you can see they did turn out pretty cute. I posted about it and you can see the details if you click on the photo. However I passed on it this year because the prep to get those face photos to fit and be waterproof was more than I wanted to do.

I've also done the egg carton caterpillar where the grass makes the caterpillar fuzzy. You can see it if you click on the photo below. The problem with doing the caterpillar this year though is that we go on spring break in less than two weeks and the grass won't be high enough to take home, but there won't be anyone around to water them at school. Those little egg cups hold just a small bit of soil that dries out quickly.

Sooo... what to do??  Hairy Hedgehogs!

I put Jonathan's drawing skills to good use and had him draw a hedgehog to fit on a sauce cup. I gave each student a paper hedgehog and colored pencils to color him in. They cut them out along the heavy black line. Then I carefully placed a strip of wide packing tape across the hedgehog so that he was sealed around the edges and placed that on a take-out sauce cup. I get the take-out sauce cups at Gordon Food Service. They are pretty cheap, and handy to have around the classroom where I've used them for all sorts of things.

Now these little guys are hanging out on the window counter to catch some rays. The little cups don't hold a lot of soil, but enough that if we give them a good watering before we leave for break, and place a little clear plastic wrap loosely over the top, I think they'll make it.

You wanna Hairy Hedgehogs with your kiddos?? Well, just click on the hedgehogs and you can download a sheet of six. Happy Spring!

And I have a second share, too, though some of you may remember this one from last year.

This is my April Showers activity that includes a new twist on an old saying, a moveable craft, and a close read on that little critter known as a June Bug.

It comes with all the stuff you need to make a shared reading for your pocket chart, a poem for the poetry folder, a bookmark, and the craft. We're going to do the activities in April, which is just around the corner. Click on the pic below to see it on my TPT page. 

Well, hope that was a breath of fresh spring air and you enjoy having a little fun with your kids. Remember to PIN! Now click on back to Forever in Fifth Grade Show and Tell Tuesday to find more teacher ideas. Thanks, Stephanie!

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  1. Cute idea! Can't wait to see how the hedgehogs turn out! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. Your hedgehogs are so cute! Thanks for sharing. Happy Spring!
    Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher