Friday, August 5, 2016

Little Room Details Sneak Peek

I'm all about classroom details today. Mind you, I'm not anywhere ready to show you the whole new classroom, but there are some things I'm doing, or thinking about doing, that might be worth sharing now to spark your own creative juices. I share through Five for Friday! Love.

1.  This is a "Thinking About It" idea. I found this on Instagram on Laura's Teach and Organize account. (Laura also does Luv My Kinders on IG and is one of my favorite bloggers... we teach next door to each other in our fantasy worlds. She has so many creative ideas I know that I, at least, would have a blast... funny, the friends you make blogging.) The picture itself came from The Classroom Creative.

I don't know if the suitcase would work well for picture books, which is what the kinders usually read, but I love the idea. I'm trying to come up with some ways to display books after we read them so you see the cover and the kids have access to them, of course. Space is at a premium in my new room, so I'm really thinking about this. Love the old suitcase idea, though... hmm...


If you don't do Instagram, consider it. And if you do do Instagram, follow me. I'm having more fun than I ever thought I would, and it is way easier to bop something on there in photo and soundbite than it is to blog! I'm find tons of new ideas from other teachers, too, like this suitcase display. Love IG!

2.  This is an "In Progress" report.  My able bodied assistant, DH Jonathan... 

building me this...

... have I told you lately that I love you, Hon??

I just threw some stuff up there to see how it would look. I have been exploring maker spaces and want this to be a feature of my new room. I have always had a Lightbulb Lab, but not to the extent that I hope to have it this year. One of the issues has been the storage of tools and I think the pegboard wall will help solve some of the issues. More on that in later posts.

3.  This is a "Couldn't Wait to See Something Fun in the Room" project.  

Weeks ago I found these at Target for $3 a box. (When I was there last week my Target still had some.) I bought them with the intent of making signs with the letters. When I took them out of the box, much to my delight, they had a different letter on the back than the front. That means you can get up to four of any given letter, with two on the "front" with two sets, and two more on the "backs" of the blocks... hope that makes sense.

I went over to my just installed fireplace mantle to play with letters... When I told families at school that I would be changing classrooms, one of the most common reactions that I got was, "You're taking your fireplace to the new room, right?" snort. Jonathan had to make some adjustments to make it fit in the new spot. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture yet of the whole fireplace in my book nook, but here is just the mantle itself.

Sorry, I digressed...  When I took the blocks to the mantle I came up with three different phrases with the letters. I think they all make sense when surrounded by my book characters, and fit my students as well. I'll put them out in this order as the year goes on.

We all have stories.

We live in books.

We love to read.
Fun, eh? I'm sure I'll discover other phrases as the year goes on. My little investment of $6 ends up being well worth it for the all the signs I'll be able to make. You might scootch right on over to your Target Dollar Spot. And if you like this idea, Pin!

4.  The Reality of the Room RIGHT NOW!

Yep. Big mess. That blue thing blows the dust from within the hermetically sealed chamber (how often do you get to use the phrase hermetically sealed?), down the tube and out the window. That is all well and good. And it is all well and good that I am getting a new cabinet and sink– the old one was over 50 years old and prone to leaks. However, the cabinet guys said they would "aim to have it in before school starts." Does that mean I'm going to be living with this for the remaining month before the littles arrive?? And what if they don't make that deadline... nope, not going to think about that... It's not like there isn't other stuff to work on in the room... it seems to be never ending. I'll live. sigh.

5.  And for my last point, if you are a regular reader you already know about this, but for those of you who didn't see it, this is a Night Before School teacher gift for students that I made. You can download the poem in color or B&W, and it comes six to a page to save ink. You pair it with a glow-in-the-dark star and hand it out at Meet the Teacher Night, or send it in the mail before school begins. It comes with a letter so parents and kids know they are to put it up and make a wish the night before school starts. And, best of all, it is FREE! Just click to get it.

Okee doke, I think that is all I have for today. My progress report on the classroom set-up will continue with future posts. Setting up in a smaller space has it's challenges, but it's fun to share. 

Skooch on back to Doodle Bugs for more great Five for Friday fun. Thanks, Kacey!

Hope to see you next time!


  1. You are just so sweet! Yes, I feel the same way about you! I know we would have a blast! I looove your mantle. That is sooo cool! I want one of those in my room. You poor thing with that big 'ol blue blower. Hopefully they get your cabinets in sooner rather than later. They are painting our doors, interior and exterior right now and we start next Thursday. It is starting to make me nervous that they are not done yet. They have one of mine half done and haven't even started on the other, not to mention the many others half finished around the school. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your summer and good luck on your room! XOXO

    Luv My Kinders

  2. My room was a construction zone until October last year, so I understand your feelings...I hate when things are in disarray and especially the WAITING for things to get done! I LOOOOOOVE your mantle so much!

  3. Those letter blocks are just too fun! I may have to invest in those for my little lab! I sure hope that sink gets fixed before your kids arrive! Eeeek!
    Teachers Are Terrific!