Thursday, June 26, 2014

Funny Kid Friday- Answer Me!

Time for the second installment of Funny Kid Friday– the link-up that let's us share those stories that come from the kids. Thanks so much to my blogging friends who shared last week- hysterical!

I call today's story Answer Me! It happens to be one of my eldest daughter's favorite kid stories– thanks for reminding me, Samuelina, and YES, my dear, I AM writing them down now.

We were out for recess and over came one of my kiddos, rather upset. I'll call her Suzie. And I'll call her friend Johnny, to protect the innocent.

Suzie: Johnny won't answer me! He is ignoring me!

Me: Well, that is annoying, isn't it.

I call to Johnny and he shuffles over, rather scowly.

Me: Suzie, tell Johnny what is bothering you.

Suzie: I keep asking you and you won't answer.

Johnny continues to scowl and looks at me.

Me: Johnny, when people talk to you, you need to listen and respond. You need to answer when they ask you a question. You don't have to say yes, and you don't have to agree with Suzie, but you do need to answer.

Johnny gives a quick nod.

Me: Suzie, ask him again.

Suzie:  Will you marry me?

Johnny: No

A teacher friend was sitting beside me through this exchange and I could feel the bench start to shake as she turned away and got interested in something over her shoulder.

Me: Okay then. (pause. gulp.) Johnny did answer you, Suzie. Maybe you can ask him again in a few years. Now off you go you two.

Oh. my. gosh. The bench was now shaking so hard from the two of us trying to suppress our giggles that I thought I was going to bounce off. We sat marveling after them. It IS always best when a person knows their own mind and can be direct in their intentions... and she sure was.  Maybe Johnny had learned it was best to avoid rather than to disappoint.

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    1. So glad you got a grin! And so glad you hooked up right away... I worry that I didn't do the link up right :P See you next week!

  2. That is fabulous! :) Poor boys, right?! Happy Weekend! Happy SUMMMMMER!!!
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    1. You never know what they're gonna come out with next :)

  4. So funny! It's definitely in the moments where we least expect the kids so say something funny that they blow us away!