Friday, April 11, 2014


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I could have called this post:  A Teacher Trips Off to IKEA!

1.  These adorable stools are fun and practical in the classroom. I have them in my Imagination Station around a table. I also keep a couple around my pond at home so I can sit with a friend and gaze at the fish on lazy summer days... ah, lazy summer days... snap OUT of it!! The price has gone up from $5 to $8 :( but they're still cute and useful so I got a couple more. They're in the IKEA kids department and they also came in pink and white.

2.  Super cute containers on SALE!  Two for one– they nest. The apple theme makes them so "teachery!" They would make a cute gift box for a student teacher's going away gift. OR cute for a new teacher starting in the building next fall. They were marked down to $3 for the two so they probably won't last long. Go quick!
Two for one nesting boxes on sale

3.  I LOVE this box because it fits my class set of 30 rekenreks per-fect-ly. The box has casters on the bottom so the kidpeople can push it over to their table. The box was five dollars, I think, and the lid, two dollars. Don't know about rekenreks? Wanna know how I got them for FREE?  I'll post about that in a couple weeks- make sure to follow so it gets to you!
Ikea rekenrek box storage
Perfect box for class set of thirty!

4. Don't know WHAT I'm using these for yet– rubber stamps, magnetic letters, crafty stuff, sorting– but I got five of these ice cube trays, one for each kid at a center.  Only a buck each.
Ice cube tray?  Hmm... and SOMEthing else...

5.  IKEA USED to have these great little toffee candies... in red wrapping paper... I think they were called Diams. Well, NOW they have THESE and they are BETTER! Still crunchy toffee inside the milk chocolate, but not as hard. They are indeed "Godis!" Five dollars a bag... I think. The pic tells it all!
Yum, yum, yummy!

And a BONUS sixth IKEA item because you GOTTA get this:
6.  Do you know about the family card? Great deals all around! You can sign up on-line or at kiosks in the store. You get special coupons– we got two-for-one frozen yogurt cones-- the BEST vanilla around– and discounted prices on various things. DEFINITELY worth doing! And the card is FREE, FREE, FREE! Head to the IKEA nearest you or check them out on-line.  Gotta love IKEA!
IKEA discount coupon family card
Sign up! It's Free! Discounts!

I can't believe there's a teacher out there who doesn't know about IKEA, but just in case, I put a link to the IKEA on-line store on the card pic up there so you can see most of the stuff. Not everything is sold on-line, so it's best if you can manage to get to a store. Hope you find LOTS of useful, well priced stuff for home and school.

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  1. HI! I'm a new follower and a fellow Michigan Kindergarten teacher! Every August, before school begins, I take a road trip to Ikea to stock up on goodies for the year...I loved seeing your purchases! I'm looking forward to hearing about the rekenreks...I definitely need some for my classroom!
    Love your blog and am looking forward to hearing more from you!

  2. Hi Christine! So glad to find a fellow Mich K teacher! With you in mind I just posted another great find at IKEA. I had the post half written and your comment pushed me to get to it :) Hope you find it useful! And do keep in touch. Kathleen