Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Currently... Hoping I Do This Right

Well, I am excited to be doing my first Currently by linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade. I'm new to this blogging stuff and find it a steep learning curve... and very exciting! I am on break this week so what better time to try this link-up. Long before I had a blog I loved Currently because you often get a glimpse behind the scenes with teachers... the anthropologist in me is interested in how teachers live... or maybe I'm just nosey :)  Be sure to go on over and check out all those great bloggy teachers already listed on the Currently page by clicking the chart below.  Great stuff indeed!

Listening to the neighborhood kids outside playing as they are on spring break, too. Hard to imagine a life without kids around... there'd be much less giggling...

Loving that I'm on break! Can't mention any loving without mentioning THAT first! And loving that there is some time to get stuff done that I WANT to do.

Thinking about the order of posting all the bits I've written up. I write up posts when I get a chance and this break is giving me time. But I can't post three times in a day...

Wanting to get a freebie and money resource posted to TPT this week!

Needing to get outside in the yard to experience some SPRING! And needing to get to the nursery to check on early planting of a couple trees.

Hours kids are at school are 8:45-3:42. Teachers officially need to be there twenty minutes before and after the bells. I arrive by 8:00 and am often there until 5:00, and usually for a bout on the weekend... and we won't mention the "home" time spent on "school." :-o

Last day for us is June 13. We only used five of our Michigan allotted six snow days, so we are in good shape without tacking on any more time as many schools are having to do. We get out rather late compared to many districts/states, though... OMGosh! I just counted, and if you take out special days and field trip days, I only have 38.5 days left to teach those little kidpeople! So much to do! It's gonna zoom by– the home stretch is always the fastest stretch of the year.

Back in a day or two with a Freebie if all goes well!

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